Frankowski Pictures is the feature work of Derek Frankowski, a visual storyteller, that uses moving pictures to communicate his ideas.

He's collaborated on diverse Global projects, from National Ad Campaigns to Documentaries. He helped launch Panavision's first digital camera, is key to shaping Vancouver Canucks visual fingerprint and received a Emmy in Cinematography for his work on Planet Earth 2.

 His career started in the late 90's with a stills camera in the action sports industry. With over a decade of success in that genre, his desire to create a feature film led him co-create Life Cycles. A film that has been credited with changing the way action sports films are made and what many consider the bench mark for the genre.

 He is part of three creative collectives,  that all embrace a different fingerprint and focus.

 Leveraging Derek's ability to communicate with intimate and honest perspective, His services are pursued by agencies and clients direct.